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AC460V Joystick Wireless Industrial Remote Control 2 Way Function

China Nanjing Dihuai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. certification
China Nanjing Dihuai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. certification
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AC460V Joystick Wireless Industrial Remote Control 2 Way Function

AC460V Joystick Wireless Industrial Remote Control 2 Way Function
AC460V Joystick Wireless Industrial Remote Control 2 Way Function AC460V Joystick Wireless Industrial Remote Control 2 Way Function AC460V Joystick Wireless Industrial Remote Control 2 Way Function

Large Image :  AC460V Joystick Wireless Industrial Remote Control 2 Way Function

Product Details:
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Brand Name: DKLD
Certification: CE
Model Number: DH-Z3YL3B1F2MR
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: $4,400.00-$5,800.00 set
Packaging Details: Export-Standard Carton Box with PE Foam Inside
Delivery Time: 15 days
Supply Ability: 100 sets per week

AC460V Joystick Wireless Industrial Remote Control 2 Way Function

Transmitted Power: ≤10dBm Size: 39*26*21cm
Transmitter Weight: 2.9kg Transmitting Frequency: 433MHz
Material: Industrial Reinforced Nylon Plastics Controlling Distance: ≥250m/can Be Customized 500m/1000m
Button Life: ≥ 1 Million Times Transmitter Power Supply: Rechargeable Li Battery
Receiver Power Supply: DC12V/24V Or AC 36V/220V/380V/460V Temperature Range: -40℃~+85℃
Enclosure Protection Class: IP65
High Light:

AC460V 2 way remote control


joystick wireless industrial remote control


AC460V wireless industrial remote control

Joystick wireless remote including transmitter and receiver, two-way function of sending and receiving signals



industrial wireless remote control DH-J2T6R2B8

joystick switch/toggle switch/speed control switche


3 Joystick industrial wireless remote control, non-standard customized model DH-Z3YL3B1F2MR, including transmitter and receiver, two-way function of sending and receiving signals, the receiver can collect real-time analog input value 4-20mA from the controlled end, after receiving After the converter CPU is converted, it is automatically converted into the weight change value and the motor speed value, and then fed back to the transmitter for display. The three joysticks of this model correspond to different analog outputs, including 2 4-20mA analog current value change outputs, and 1 0-10V analog voltage value change output. After each joystick is pushed, each In each running direction, first execute 1 switch control, corresponding to 1 relay output, continue to push, execute analog stepless speed control of this switch action direction. There are also 3 levers in this machine, one of which is a three-position self-reset mode, corresponding to 2-way switch control, which actually corresponds to the adjustment of the positive 45 degree angle and the negative 45 degree angle of the rudder angle of the hydraulic crane, jog Mode operation, can click step by step, accurate alignment control; 2 two-position self-locking hold mode levers, respectively corresponding to the start and stop of the inverter, and the start and stop of the fan. 2 buttons, 1 function for heavy load inquiry, inching control, corresponding to 1 relay output on the receiver side, 1 "lock/unlock" function button, used to lock the current operating button state, once locked, it will Falling to the ground or accidentally touching it will not cause a malfunction, unless you press it again to "unlock", you can re-execute the new operation control. This machine also has a start + emergency stop mushroom head knob, both of which are rotary, self-locking and hold mode. Once rotated or photographed (emergency stop mushroom head), it can be kept in the desired position, and the wrong touch will not cause it to close or pop up. , Unless it is manually rotated again, the required action position function can be executed normally. Emergency stop corresponds to the receiver side 2 relay physical contact output, including 1 normally open point + 1 normally closed relay output. Normally open point is used. , The normally closed point can be used as a special backup function.

3 joystick industrial wireless remote control joystick type can choose a single-axis proportional joystick, you can also choose a 2-axis X-axis Y-axis fixed limit joystick, or you can choose a universal infinite joystick. The single-axis proportional joystick can only be pushed forwards and backwards, the middle is the zero position, and does not correspond to any output, self-reset mode, when the middle hand is released, it will automatically return to the middle zero position, and the front and back directions can correspond to the receiver end. 1 analog output, because the forward push and the backward push cannot be executed at the same time, the analog output can be directly sent to two different institutions to control the actual 2-channel analog speed control. The 2-axis four-direction joystick can correspond to 2 analog outputs on the receiver side, because the front and rear can share 1 channel, and the left and right can share 1 channel at the same time, which can actually achieve the real 4-way mechanism analog stepless speed control. The analog quantity is wired to 4 groups of institutions. The universal joystick can be rotated and pushed at 360 degrees. In addition to the positive and negative linear direction control of the X-axis and Y-axis, it can also be pushed at the different angles of the X-axis and Y-axis to achieve linear proportional output control of different angles. That is, it can realize the linkage operation of two different mechanisms, and in the process of the angle linkage operation, the stepless speed regulation control is still performed, and the output analog value is the linear proportional change value of the X axis and the Y axis.

The 3 joystick industrial wireless remote control is wireless control starting from the direction application of the ship's hydraulic crane. The active action includes the lifting control action of the ship's hydraulic crane to "release" and "retract", occupying a separate joystick; The left and right swing control of the hydraulic crane's boom occupies a single rocker; the vertical luffing control of the hydraulic crane of the big boom ship occupies a single rocker. Then there is the switch control function, including the inching control of the rudder angle up and down by 45 degrees, the switch control of the frequency converter, and the start and stop control of the fan, all of which are the twist switch type. The twist switch is the lever. Layout 5-10 according to the needs, three options, three self-reset mode, three self-locking hold mode, two-bit self-locking hold mode. There are also 2 buttons, 1 for heavy load inquiry, which is to give a switch value fixed value signal at the receiver to confirm the execution of the controlled terminal device, and 1 "lock/unlock" function button , Used to lock or unlock the state of the current panel buttons to avoid misoperation when falling to the ground or accidentally hitting. It can keep a certain analog output value unchanged when the joystick is pushed to a certain extent, until the joystick is shaken again Only then can the new speed be executed again.

3 rocker industrial wireless remote control DH-Z3YL3B1F2MR, can go to cranes, bridge erecting machines, beam lifting machines, engineering vehicles such as excavators/shield machinery, mining machinery, cloth trucks, material handling vehicles, dump trucks for multi-organization and multi-trolley driving , Loading and unloading trolleys, robot trolleys, tower cranes, pier cranes, port cranes, grain loaders, cantilever cranes, hydraulic hoisting machinery, crane spreaders, frequency converter-controlled overhead cranes, frequency-conversion hydraulic lifting machinery Realize long-distance wireless control, which can achieve 6-12 forward and reverse mechanism analogs stepless speed control, 10-40 switching control, etc.

3 joystick industrial wireless remote control DH-Z3YL3B1F2MR technical parameter description

1) The standard remote control distance is 100 meters, and it can be customized for 250 meters, 500 meters, 1000 meters and other longer-distance wireless control. All refer to the distance in a completely open environment. For the barriers of tunnels, mines, tunnels, and house walls, additional consideration needs to be given. The repeater method realizes signal relaying, achieving signal transmission from transmitter to repeater and from repeater to receiver, avoiding the influence of the signal from transmitter to receiver not in a straight line when there are obstacles. ;

2) 128 working frequency points, 433MHz radio wave working frequency band, automatic frequency hopping technology processing, encountering the same frequency interference source can automatically hop to a new working frequency point to avoid the influence of on-site interference sources. And there is a specific ID identification code between each set of transmitter and receiver, to ensure that the signal sent by this machine is only recognized by the receiver of this machine, and no other wireless device can identify and read it;

3) The receiver can directly output the switch quantity and the analog quantity physical contact mode. The conventional switch quantity is executed as the relay normally open or normally closed output. The analog quantity execution range can be customized according to needs, such as 0-10V, 5-10V , 0-5V, 6-12-18V, 4-20mA, 0-2000mA, 80-200mA, etc. The receiver can also achieve back-end switching and analog control through data interface output. Data interfaces such as RS485, RS232, CAN bus, DP-Profibus, Ethernet, Profinet, etc., achieve back-end switching through fixed-value digital signals Controlled, continuously changing linear proportional digital signal achieves stepless speed control of the back-end analog signal. And the data interface parameter interaction is convenient, which can be convenient for control, and can flexibly return and feedback the specific parameters of the controlled end, which are displayed on the LCD screen of the transmitter end in real time;

4) Power supply instructions, the transmitter adopts the form of rechargeable nickel-metal hydride batteries, one-time charging can last for 1-3 months, the capacity is 8400mAH, the panel layout charging jack, the charger can be directly plugged into the mains to charge AC220V to DC5V Charge. The receiver's conventional design working voltage range is DC12-24V. In other working conditions, an external transformer can be configured to adapt and transform the power supply. The external working voltage can be AC380V, AC220V, AC110V, etc.

5) The joystick adopts Hall type, magnetic induction type, and there is no actual hardware connection during operation, which is essentially different from the common resistance joystick on the market. The theoretical life of the Hall rocker is unlimited, and the actual life is at least ten million times. It ensures that there is no damage after years of use, and the function is convenient for software programming. It can be designed as a rocker driving process, and the executed function program is processed as a switch mode only , Only analog quantity mode, switch quantity + analog quantity mode, switch quantity multi-level paragraph gear mode, design of keeping the locked speed value when the speed amplitude value reaches a certain node, and processing methods such as function change after repeated shaking;

6) The LCD screen on the transmitter side is a standard configuration, which routinely displays battery power, signal strength, and operation button prompts. In addition, it can return to display specific parameters of the controlled terminal as needed. This customization is 2 channels of analog 4-20mA input feedback. After conversion, it is calculated as the required 2 signals, 1 is the weight value when the change prompts feedback, 1 is the real-time change value feedback display of the motor speed, and other required parameters such as voltage value, current value, power can be displayed as needed Factors, electricity acquisition, operation logic description feedback, node travel switch position feedback, etc.;

7) The working temperature of the whole machine can reach -20 degrees-+75 degrees, suitable for severe cold and hot environments, and can withstand large temperature changes without influence. And strict sealing protection, IP55 grade, strictly prevent the intrusion of external dust, water vapor, humidity, particles, acid and alkali, oil pollution, etc., to ensure the long-term stability and reliability of the internal main control board.

8) It can withstand strong impact without impact. The shell is made of thickened PVC+ABS plastic, which can withstand 50 times the acceleration impact force, and it will not be affected by a normal drop to the ground. It has its own handle, which can be held in one hand. It can be operated independently by one person, independently observed, independently suspended and loaded, aligned, clicked, and adjusted by large changes to achieve various complex logic controls.

9) One-to-one control, one-to-two control, one-to-three control, or two-to-one control, three-to-one control, or many-to-many control, or many-to-many selection control methods can be realized, and the same operating environment can At the same time, multiple remote control systems control different devices at the same time, and each function can be the same or different. Each transmitter can be operated independently after selecting a different device (corresponding to install a different receiver), or multiple options can be selected at the same time. The design is flexible and convenient for the synchronous linkage operation of the actions performed by the equipment.


Professional wireless remote control joystick switch box remote controller for crane hoist winch

The price of link is a reference, and the final price is determined by the function.

1. Each set remote control has unique ID identification code, even if the same frequency also does not interfere with each other.


2. Strong and stable signals.


3. The function can be customized according to your needs.


AC460V Joystick Wireless Industrial Remote Control 2 Way Function 1AC460V Joystick Wireless Industrial Remote Control 2 Way Function 2





More Options More Function

The function can be customized according to your requirements, please contact the supplier.



Professional wireless remote control joystick switch box remote controller for crane hoist winch


Professional wireless remote control joystick switch box remote controller for crane hoist winch


Model DH-J2T6R2B8
Transmitted power ≤10dBm
Size 39*26*21cm
Transmitter Weight 2.9kg
Transmitting frequency 433MHz
Material Industrial reinforced nylon plastics
Controlling distance ≥250m/can be customized 500m/1000m
Button life ≥ 1 million times
Transmitter power supply Rechargeable Li battery
Receiver power supply DC12V/24V or AC 36V/220V/380V/460V
Temperature range -40℃~+85℃
Enclosure protection class IP65
Application Industrial radio wireless remote controls are widely applied for lifting equipment, construction machinery, cargo loading/unloading machines, water supply system, data transmission, theiron-smelting and steel-making, the automobile manufacturing, paper-making and chemical industry, steel structure processing, galvanization, shipbuilding, railroad, bridge, tunnel construction and other equipment and sites which can be worked by radio controls.





Default configuration

1. Transmitter * 1 pcs

2. Receivers * 1 pcs

3. The receiver comes with 1m cable connector

4. Operation and Maintenance Manual



1. Due to transportation requirements, the product is not equipped with battery.

2. The function can be customized according to your requirements, please contact the supplier.


Warranty & Service

1. Customized logo and trademark are warmly-welcomed.
2. Good after-sale services offered.
3. 1 year warranty period, spare parts supply for free.
4. 100% QC inspection before shipment.


Packing & Delivery

Professional wireless remote control joystick switch box remote controller for crane hoist winch


Professional wireless remote control joystick switch box remote controller for crane hoist winch



1.Q: Is there a warranty?
A: All our branded products have a 12-month warranty period. We provide 24-hour after-sales service and technical support. If you find any problems during installation, please feel free to contact us.
2. Q: Will you provide after-sales service?
A: Yes. Of course. If there are any problems during operation or installation, please keep free to contact with us. We provide professional guidance and help.
3. Q: What is your minimum order?
A: We can accept sample orders for trial orders.
4. Q: What certificates are approved for your product?
A: We have CE, FCC, ISO9001.
5. Q: Is your price the lowest?
A: We provide high quality industrial remote controls. The quality of our supply is value for money, inferior products will waste and affect the work process. The right price and high quality products are the best choice.
6. Q: Can you customize it to my needs?
A: You can send me inquiries according to your needs. We can customize them with technical engineers.

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